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Remote Monitoring Solutions

Predict. Alert. Prevent. OneEvent® provides remote refrigeration monitoring in two ways. First, the OneEvent system, using Internet of Things technology (IoT) provides remote wireless temperature monitoring of coolers, freezers, and refrigeration environments through a cellular gateway. Data is collected from temperature and door sensors and is stored and analyzed in the cloud. When OneEvent learns a temperature has exceeded your pre-set limits, you get notified.

Predict Problems. Up to 30 Days in Advance. The OneEvent algorithm and our predictive analytics system, Thermo Heartbeat, provides the second method of remote refrigeration monitoring protection. By collecting and analyzing data with predictive analytics, OneEvent’s Thermo Heartbeat detects whether a refrigerator or freezer is having issues maintaining proper temperature and can predict if a unit will exceed its temperature limits up to 30 days in advance. The Thermo Heartbeat technology can help prevent loss and business interruption and eliminate rush-repair charges.

Industries Served: Hospital, Clinic & Lab; Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical; Food Service & Hospitality; Food Production & Processing; Retail, Grocery & C-Stores; Education; Cold Storage Warehouse; Commercial & Industrial.

Fire Suppression Solutions

Rely FX Fire Extinguishers for Industrial Applications. Rely Innovations is dedicated to providing enhanced support for the modern fire protection requirements of industries that prioritize performance. Rely FX fire extinguishers offer heavy-duty industrial fire suppression solutions that meet the demand for reliable and eco-friendly fire suppression products. Rely-branded fire extinguishers provide code-compliant solutions for industrial fire protection.

Industries Served: Transportation, Oil and Gas Refineries, Off-Shore and Marine Mining, and other demanding industrial applications.

Life Safety Detection Solutions

Improved Technology Can Save Lives. Rely Innovations offers the first and only Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms, that offer multiple voice and display alerts out of the box. These are the only alarms that speak to you in English or Spanish to warn you of the current CO danger level in your home - and provide you with clear instructions on what to do to next to keep you and your loved ones safe.

A Breakthrough Home Safety Innovation. A recent Qualtrics survey revealed that U.S. consumers are often confused about the sounds emitted from home safety devices and are unsure how and when to react. When presented with an audible carbon monoxide (CO) alarm’s beep, only 34% of Spanish-speaking respondents and 47% of English-speaking respondents, were able to identify the beep emitted from a CO alarm. Most respondents were also unable to distinguish the difference between the beeps from a CO alarm, smoke alarm, or a microwave oven. When every second is critical, a CO alarm needs to do more than just beep - occupants are often confused on the actions they should take when alarms sound – and during a potential emergency is not the time to search for a product manual to determine why the alarm is sounding. New carbon monoxide alarms from Rely Innovations deliver critical information along with potentially life-saving response actions in both English and Spanish. Early and immediate detection is crucial, as research has shown young children, pregnant women, the elderly, and pets are often affected earlier than healthy adults.”

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